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FinTech in Uganda: Implications For Regulation

FinTech holds great potential for both financial inclusion and economic development in a wider sense. Digital financial solutions have been expanding access and reach to consumers, especially the unbanked and under-banked. They have been significantly lowering the costs of providing financial services, making it possible to serve the base of the pyramid in a more […]

Solar Energy Lighting Up The Way To Financial Inclusion

By Peter Kawumi Increased access to solar energy by rural households and small businesses will drive demand for formal credit in the developing world. Off-grid solar energy solutions are taking off. For the over 1 billion people living without electricity, the ability to use technology to access cleaner energy over time can be life-transforming. In […]

Job Opportunity: Head of Financial Services

Financial Sector Deepening Uganda (FSDU) is an independent not-for-profit company committed to promoting greater access to financial services in Uganda. FSDU seeks to develop a more inclusive financial sector with a focus on low-income individuals (particularly women) and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). FSDU is funded by Department for International Development (DFID) UK aid […]

Digital Payments: Unlocking the Formal Economy for Small Businesses

By Joel Muhumuza Like many developing countries, Uganda is a cash economy. This is particularly true for the transportation sector. Boda-Boda’s or motorcycle taxis dominate private transportation in Uganda, particularly in major towns like the capital city – Kampala. Until recently, boda-boda drivers in Uganda’s cities and towns acquired customers by standing alongside busy roads […]

RFP Consultancy on Assessment of Unclaimed Assets in Uganda

  Date of Issue: Tuesday, 23rd October 2018. Expiry Date: Tuesday, 06th November 2018. DOWNLOADS: RFP for Consultancy on Assessment of Unclaimed Assets in Uganda  

VSLAs: The Unsung Heroes of Financial Inclusion

VSLAs are considered informal channels of financial services and yet according to 2018 FinScope survey findings most adults save with and borrow from VSLAs. Four out of every 10 adults save with and five out of every 10 adults borrow from VSLAs. Ugandans are five times less likely to borrow from Savings and Credit Cooperatives […]