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VSLAs: The Unsung Heroes of Financial Inclusion

VSLAs are considered informal channels of financial services and yet according to 2018 FinScope survey findings most adults save with and borrow from VSLAs. Four out of every 10 adults save with and five out of every 10 adults borrow from VSLAs. Ugandans are five times less likely to borrow from Savings and Credit Cooperatives […]

FinScope 2018: The case for a deeper and more inclusive financial sector in Uganda

The FinScope Survey is often conducted to respond to a lack of information regarding the need for financial services. The study is designed to determine how individuals 16 years or older (i.e. adults) manage their money and the extent to which they use financial services to do so. The study also enhances monitoring changes in […]

Closing the gender gap: Challenges and Opportunities

By: Catherine Atieno, FSD Uganda Gender Consultant More than 2 billion people lack access to a financial account – with nearly one out of every three women globally excluded from the formal financial system. The persistent gender gap is according to the 2017 Findex Survey, concentrated
in three regions: The Middle East and North Africa with […]

From Ideas to Field Tests in 4 Days: A Design Sprint for Refugee-Centered Financial Services

By John Won*, Consulting Associate (BFA) and Peter Kawumi, Manager Competitive Strategies (FSD Uganda) In June 2018, BFA, a global consulting firm led a four-day design sprint for financial service providers (FSPs) to develop and test solutions tailored to over 1.3 million forcibly displaced people (FDPs) in Uganda. This was the latest engagement in a […]

Request for Proposals for Consultancy Services to Develop a Strategic Plan for the Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority

  Date of Issue: Wednesday, 7th July 2018. Expiry Date: Wednesday, 25th July 2018. DOWNLOADS: RFP for Consultancy to develop a Strategic Plan for the Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority(UMRA) 19 July 2018 Pre-proposal Clarifications (Question & Answers)  

Request for Proposals for Consultancy Services to Draft Regulations to Operationalize the Security Interest in Moveable Property Law

  Date of Issue: Saturday, 7th July 2018 Expiry Date: Monday, 23rd July 2018 DOWNLOADS: RFP for Consultancy to draft regulations to operationalize the Security Interest in Moveable Property Law  

How sandboxes can help the rural poor borrow, contribute to growth

According to Uganda’s National Household Survey 2016-2017, eight out of every 10 Ugandans reside in rural areas, with the majority engaged in agriculture, while those living in urban areas are mostly involved in the trade and service sectors. The national poverty estimates show that rural areas have a high incidence of poverty in comparison with […]

Survey: Data in FSP Decision-Making

Insight2impact (i2i), FSD Africa and Oxford Policy Management (OPM), together with Financial Sector Deepening Uganda (FSDU) – developed and implemented an online survey that sought to understand the ways in which financial service providers (FSPs) collect, store and use data in Uganda. The responses in the survey span the period from 29 August 2017 to […]