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Low-cost private schools; the untapped gold mine for financial institutions

The concept of the missing middle and needs of SMEs goes beyond access to finance. There is need for support in governance, business development and mentorship. To take this forward financial institution have been challenged to innovate financial products for affordable private schools which experts say have a huge but untapped revenue growth potential for […]

Uganda’s rural households will be energy deprived unless swift action is taken

A new report by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation warns that the 2013 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) targets will not be achieved based on the current course of action by world leaders. One of the SDG goals is achieving 100% access to the electrical grid. The 2014 Africa Energy Outlook showed that more than 620 million people in sub-Saharan Africa […]

Consultancy to conduct the FinScope Survey 2017

The FinScope survey was designed to determine how individuals 16 years or older (i.e. adults) manage their money, the extent to which they use financial services to do so, and to monitor changes in levels of financial inclusion over time. It also provides insights into the drivers of uptake and usage of financial services amongst […]

Why collaboration and not competition, is key in improving financial services industry in Uganda

The financial services industry – banks, mobile network operators, insurance providers and others – have historically sought to work independently in achieving their profitability goals. With the recent global and regional influx of Fintechs – companies that leverage technology and innovation to compete in the financial services marketplace – this industry is getting significantly more […]

Consumer Protection: Is your Money Safe?

By Joseph Lutwama Policy, Legal and Regulatory Specialist Can my money ever be safe? Can I trust the bank to keep my money safe? I am sure at some point in your life you have asked yourself these questions when deciding where to keep your money. Five out of every ten adult Ugandans keep their […]

The Agent Network Accelerator Research Findings Report – Uganda

Agents are optimistic about the business, with the majority seeing themselves continuing as an agent in one year’s time according to the survey report published today by Financial Sector Deepening Uganda and The Helix Institute of Digital Finance. In Uganda the biggest barrier preventing poor people from accessing digital financial services is the cost and complexity of building […]

FSDU signs MoU with Uganda Bankers Association (UBA) to Increase Financial Inclusion.

FSD Uganda and the Uganda Bankers Association have entered into a partnership to improve, extend and strengthen access into financial services with specific focus on undeserved At the signing ceremony, Mr. Christopher Musoke, the Chief Executive Officer, FSD Uganda said “FSD Uganda is committed to supporting an inclusive financial sector in Uganda, and the cooperation with UBA will offer a […]

Unlocking capital for the Ugandan’s poor: The Chattels Securities Legal Framework

Chattels refer to “someone’s possessions, not including any houses or land that they own.” These can be items of movable personal property, such as furniture, livestock or vehicles. When accessing credit in Uganda, in most cases the borrower is required to advance collateral either in form of a title of undeveloped land or already existing real estate property. This applies to both individuals and companies accessing capital from financial institutions. So chattels […]