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The tip of the (data) iceberg in Uganda

aith owns a small fruit-selling business inUganda. Like most small business owners in Uganda, Faith started her enterprise with her own income and lacks access to finance to grow beyond the few fruit stalls she owns. She doesn’t keep full financial records and lives most of herlife informally and in cash, but has started using […]

Kampala Private Schools Market Study Full Report

CapitalPlus Exchange (CapPlus) prepared this analysis for financial institutions in Kampala to provide insights on the market opportunity represented by low-fee private schools. The report includes: • Description of the size and nature of low-fee private schools in the city, covering topics such as the schools’ general characteristics, legal status, infrastructure, management, current use of […]

Kampala Private Schools Market Study Summary Report

The research explores the opportunity for financing low-cost private schools. A total of 223 school proprietors and local education officials were interviewed in this study. The top-line findings from the study show that an estimate of 84% of children in Kampala are enrolled in low-cost private schools. The findings further show that the schools surveyed […]

Agency Banking in Uganda An Assessment of the Potential Challenges and Opportunities

FSD Uganda is an independent, not for profit company. We support innovation, conduct research and help promote and improve policy, laws and regulation that shape the financial sector. Our objective is a deeper, broader and more inclusive financial sector in Uganda. We contribute to improving the livelihoods of Uganda’s low income households and support economic […]

Quick! Let’s Triple The Number Of Bank Accounts In Uganda

I had a call from the village on Monday. I needed to make a deposit into the farm manager’s account urgently in order to allow him pay the vet. It was 3.45pm, I was busy, and had a packed social evening planned. I just couldn’t make it to my bank (to withdraw the money), then […]

Lessons from the Great Fire of London. Why insurance matters

Early on Sunday morning September2nd, a fire broke out at Thomas Farriner’s bakery in Pudding Lane in1666 London, at the time, Europe’s largest city. After a couple of rainy summers,a drought had set in since November 1665. What could have been an isolatedincident of fire destroying property, eventually led to 4 days of destructionacross the […]

Widening Credit Collateral Options for the Masses beyond Land Titles in Uganda

Have you ever missed out on a loan because you did not have a land title to use as collateral? If your answer is yes, your guess is as good as mine, there are many other Ugandans who share your experience. According to the latest findings of the nationwide survey on the demand for financial […]

Will Agency Banking be the required shot in the arm for the financial sector?

Banks and other financial sector players in Uganda await the issuance of the Agency Banking regulations in growing anticipation. Their issuance will allow for the extension of the provision of basic financial transactions to your local super market, hardware shop or pharmacy. In this way, banks should offer more convenient, flexible and accessible account access […]

Digital systems can improve traditional banking methods

“M-Shwari hits the 10 million customer mark”- we’ve all seen the articles and blogs posts about this innovative Safaricom-Commercial Bank ofAfrica (CBA) product that allows mobile money users to remotely open bank accounts, earn interest on their savings and access credit instantly. We’ve seen traditional financial institutions rushing to make strategic partnerships with mobile network […]

Digital Credit is not always good for financial inclusion

The latest product from a combination of a bank and a mobile network operator (MNO) is MoKash.  It could be “the next big thing”.  But before anyone gets too excited about the benefits, we should take a hard look at lessons from Kenya.  Kenya is where M-Shwari (a predecessor to MoKash) started and has really […]