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Shifting the Regulator Mindset in Uganda

Uganda has made, and continues to make great strides in regulation. Perhaps most notably is the development of regulatory experiment (or sandboxes) – a cutting edge approach designed to allow fintechs to try new innovations without disrupting the existing financial ecosystem. Under the Digital Transformation Project (DTP), Financial Sector Deepening Uganda (FSDU) has committed resources […]

Report on Banking and the Status of Financial Inclusion in Uganda

This report aims to give an overview of the Ugandan banking sector and the potential opportunities that exist to increase the banked population. The information generated by the FinScope Uganda survey, conducted in 2018, provides the basis for this report’s analysis. Information presented in all tables and figures are obtained from analysis of FinScope 2018 […]

Report on Informal Financial Inclusion in Uganda

Efforts to increase formal financial inclusion in Uganda are faced with significant challenges which are both supply and demand side in nature. From a supply-side perspective the most significant challenge is that 76% of Ugandan adults are rural-based. The high cost of providing financial services in rural areas often means that formal financial institutions lack […]

Analysis of status of financial inclusion for women and youth in Uganda

Money management, planning and the safe building of assets are core components of a larger set of economic and social skills needed to achieve a sustainable livelihood. In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the obstacles women and young adults face in developing these abilities. Financial service providers (FSPs), however, are still […]

Report on Uptake of Insurance Services in Uganda 2018

The findings of the FinScope survey conducted in 2018 show that formal insurance uptake in Uganda is at 1%. Current insurance penetration in Uganda is also estimated at 1%. The low level of formal insurance uptake is attributable to public mistrust, low public awareness and a narrow insurance product range – especially for low income […]

Insurance Innovation: Needs, Gaps and Opportunities

Presentation at the Innovation Forum and FSDU Insurance Challenge Fund Launch – Kampala, 10 December 2018. Contents: The changing insurance landscape globally The need for insurance: unpacking the risk experience of Ugandans A closer look at specific target markets: what are the gaps and opportunities? The innovation imperative

FinTech in Uganda: Implications For Regulation

FinTech holds great potential for both financial inclusion and economic development in a wider sense. Digital financial solutions have been expanding access and reach to consumers, especially the unbanked and under-banked. They have been significantly lowering the costs of providing financial services, making it possible to serve the base of the pyramid in a more […]