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This pillar is geared towards realising the strategic goal of increased knowledge and understanding of the Ugandan financial sector to support more effective decision-making in both public and private sectors.

The pillar responds to the information and knowledge needs of various stakeholders as well as proactively generating information required to promote systemic change and market development.

FSD Uganda continues to develop a research agenda that focuses on gaps in knowledge and understanding that hinder financial sector development in general and financial inclusion in particular.

FSD Uganda’s research agenda by its 5-Year Research Strategy 2017-2021. The research strategy in sets out the following key strategic objectives

  1. Facilitating a coordinated approach to financial sector-related research in Uganda:
  • Internal: support FSDU’s strategic objective and the other two pillars over the remainder of its five-year strategy
  • External: identify and support strategic partners with their information and other research needs
  1. Commissioning research and overseeing design, implementation, dissemination and application of findings, and quality control
  • Support research capacity building, especially in private and public sector bodies which FSDU targets as being primary users of research to effect systemic change

3. Developing and implementing a funding strategy to support the realisation of the above strategic imperatives.


FSD Uganda undertakes various research projects to inform its various interventions. However, FSD Uganda has the following flagship research projects:

FinScope Survey: The survey was designed to determine how individuals 16 years or older (i.e. adults) manage their money, the extent to which they use financial services to do so, and to monitor changes in levels of financial inclusion over time. It also provides insights into the drivers of uptake and usage of financial services amongst different segments of the adult population, as well as insights into factors prohibiting or limiting uptake and usage of financial services within these population segments.

The first FinScope survey was implemented in Uganda in 2007. Since then two other FinScope surveys have been implemented in 2009 and in 2013. All these FinScope surveys have been financed by DFID initially through FSD Trust and more recently through FSD Uganda

The National Small Business Survey: This is a nationally representative Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) survey first carried out in 2015. The purpose of the survey is to identify constraints to MSMEs’ development and growth with a focus on access to finance, infrastructure, business development services, markets and technology

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