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Our tools of Impact


FSD Uganda provides grants for innovative projects aimed at strengthening financial inclusion among marginalised groups. Where projects require a collaborative approach for successful implementation, FSD Uganda works with grantees to ensure relevant stakeholders are involved from the design phase. In addition to this, grantees venturing into new territory different from their core business are eligible for additional technical assistance to develop sustainable business models.

Technical Assistance & capacity building

FSD Uganda provides technical assistance and capacity building to both the public and private sector to respond to dynamic changes in the financial service markets. Our technical assistance ranges from code of conducts for members of industry associations, to building sustainable business models that can profitably serve the poor.

Research & evidence based interventions

FSD Uganda is the “go to” organisation for information on inclusive financial market development. We produce statistically relevant studies that influence policy making, help the private sector identify new opportunities and enable financial sector actors to channel resources more effectively. FinScope is a significant demand-side survey supported by FSD Uganda which provides insights into the country’s financial inclusion dynamics.

Consultative public and private sector engagement

FSD Uganda has supported the Government of Uganda (GoU) and industry stakeholders in actively addressing financial inclusion issues. We continue to do this to ensure regular buy-in and increase our own awareness of the challenges the private and public sector face, while facilitating sustainable solutions that matter to the under-and-unserved.