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Insurance Innovation Dialogue; Opportunities in the time of COVID-19

The Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) of Uganda, in partnership with FSD Uganda and the Innovation Village, hosted an interactive virtual workshop on 19th November 2020, to discuss the opportunities and challenges to innovation in the Ugandan insurance market. The Chief Executive Officer, Alhaj Kaddunabi Lubega said the workshop was the perfect opportunity for the industry […]

Informal Sector Pensions: Protecting millions of East Africans from old-age poverty

By Joseph Lutwama. It is everyone’s desire to retire with a roof over their head and a decent income that will sustain them through their old age. However, very few ever realize that ideal, and it remains a dream that eludes millions in the region. Many East Africans never retire but die while toiling away […]

Reimagining settlement communities: responding to the growing financial needs of Uganda’s refugees and their hosts

By David Darkwa & Fred Ndiwalana. Mama Nicole is what most academics would call a ‘Forcibly Displaced Person’ – a refugee. Three years ago, she fled her village in Northern Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo when fighting broke out between two armed groups. Upon arriving in Uganda, she chose to settle in Kampala […]

The impact of Pandemics on Poverty and Financial Inclusion

By Rashmi Pillai, Executive Director. By now, the novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – is a household term. Hand sanitizer is out of stock, businesses are closing or cutting staff, and even boda-boda riders near the FSD Uganda office report possible plans to stop working and go back to the village because they aren’t earning enough […]

Message from Rashmi Pillai – FSD Uganda Executive Director on COVID-19

Uganda confirmed its first case of COVID-19 this weekend. The Government of Uganda, together with private sector actors, continue to demonstrate great leadership by putting in place and adopting progressive measures aimed at protecting Ugandans and limiting the impact of the pandemic. Even as the world continues to reel from the devastating rise in fatalities, […]

New lives, new tools: The financial lives of refugee communities

Observations by BFA Global based on initial field research  Access to financial services and a steady source of income are key concerns for displaced populations when they begin to settle in camps. Understanding how refugees cope as they grow their livelihoods, incomes and adopt both formal and informal financial tools can provide insights on what […]

Harnessing the power of data to create relevant products and services for consumers

The 2019 Financial Inclusion Week themed Financial Inclusion: For What? Is being recognized globally between October 21 and October 25. The Financial Inclusion Week (FIW) is aimed at getting stakeholders to revisit their fundamental purpose and renew efforts to achieve financial inclusion. FSD Uganda will share a series of reflections from our technical experts and […]

Mapping Regulatory Behavioral Biases to Innovation in Financial Services

By Joseph Lutwama and Kim Kariuki Technology advancements in the last two decades have resulted in a chain reaction of innovations in financial services never experienced in this generation. Whereas previously financial services would only be accessed in big, tall and intimidating bank branches, now a financial transaction can be completed in just under a […]

Rethinking Insurance uptake in Uganda: Why legacy models aren’t enough

By Joel Muhumuza(FSDU) and Protazio Sande(IRA) It’s midnight and Muzeeyi Bizibu and his wife are meant to be asleep because they have to wake up at 5am to go to work. However, Muzeeyi Bizibu’s chest is yet again bothering him. He can’t seem to breathe well and is having coughing fits. It might be pneumonia. […]