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The case of Mobile Money innovation in Uganda

Undeniably, a lot has been said as well as written about mobile money. However, it seems there is still some unfinished business related to the topic of mobile money. This unfinished business explains why there is still an ongoing debate about the effect of mobile money on an economy, in this case the economy of […]

Trade, Poverty and Pencils

At the time of writing this piece, 13 July 2017, the Great Lakes Summit will be taking place in Munyonyo for two days. According to the website, Kampala will play host to a gathering of politicians, businesses and pro-market advocates from Europe, East Africa and beyond. The summit will explore the vast opportunities for greater trade and […]

The Regulatory Tweaks That Will Spring Refugees in Uganda To Economic Inclusion

Uganda is home to 1.2 million refugees, with more than 800,000 refugees entering the country since July 2016. Most refugees this year come from South Sudan and others have come from the neighbouring conflict-affected countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Somalia. While the immediate concern is with feeding and caring for the basic needs […]

The 2017/18 Budget: The Financial Inclusion Challenge

Once again it is that time of year when the country takes stock of the performance of the preceding year. This year is no different. As I write this article, it is just two days away from the budget speech. Having read through the background to the budget, I have a few thoughts to pen down on the implications of the current budget and […]

THE MOBILE DEBT TRAP: The Lion waiting to Pounce on its Prey

Mukasa is a small holder farmer in Luwero, a district in Central Uganda. Mucks and his family of 7 live off his one acre maize farm. He is a subsistence farmer who mainly grows maize to feed his household. Out of the 20 sacks of maize harvested from his farm, Mukasa only sells 2 sacks […]

Bitcoin: What you need to know

For the last few months I’ve attended several conferences discussing various aspects of the financial services sector from product innovation to financial inclusion. The one thing that has carried over from country to country and topic to topic is the inevitable moment when the coolest person in the room will mention that they’re currently reading […]

The tip of the (data) iceberg in Uganda

aith owns a small fruit-selling business inUganda. Like most small business owners in Uganda, Faith started her enterprise with her own income and lacks access to finance to grow beyond the few fruit stalls she owns. She doesn’t keep full financial records and lives most of herlife informally and in cash, but has started using […]

Quick! Let’s Triple The Number Of Bank Accounts In Uganda

I had a call from the village on Monday. I needed to make a deposit into the farm manager’s account urgently in order to allow him pay the vet. It was 3.45pm, I was busy, and had a packed social evening planned. I just couldn’t make it to my bank (to withdraw the money), then […]

Lessons from the Great Fire of London. Why insurance matters

Early on Sunday morning September2nd, a fire broke out at Thomas Farriner’s bakery in Pudding Lane in1666 London, at the time, Europe’s largest city. After a couple of rainy summers,a drought had set in since November 1665. What could have been an isolatedincident of fire destroying property, eventually led to 4 days of destructionacross the […]

Will Agency Banking be the required shot in the arm for the financial sector?

Banks and other financial sector players in Uganda await the issuance of the Agency Banking regulations in growing anticipation. Their issuance will allow for the extension of the provision of basic financial transactions to your local super market, hardware shop or pharmacy. In this way, banks should offer more convenient, flexible and accessible account access […]