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The Overall Impact of COVID on The Economy; An Agile Scenario Analysis

This agile scenario analysis, conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and The Bank of Uganda, explored the potential short and mid-term economic effects the pandemic would have on key labour segments. With additional insights from ongoing economic recovery efforts, the team identified the potential role various sectors could play in strengthening the inclusiveness of the country’s recovery efforts.

The Impact of COVID on Agriculture in Uganda

Earlier studies conducted by FSD Uganda indicate that specific segments of the population - including people who directly or indirectly rely on farming - will be severely affected by the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. We conducted a rapid diagnostic to understand how agricultural finance in Uganda has been affected, to inform financial market-led recovery efforts. Findings from the study have been used to strengthen FSD Uganda’s new five-year agricultural portfolio.

Assessing the Economic Resilience of Ugandan Households During COVID

Building on our earlier analysis, FSD Uganda conducted a phone-based survey which took place over a period of six months to understand how the pandemic had impacted people and businesses in Uganda. The survey results feed into a pan African COVID-19 tracker aimed at highlighting how the disease has impacted people across a wide variety of domains.

Highlights: Impact of COVID-19 on the economic resilience and financial behaviour of Ugandans

FSD Uganda partnered with the Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development and undertook a COVID-19 tracker survey which traced the impact of COVID-19 on livelihoods, financial behavior, and social responses of Ugandans. The phone-based survey was conducted in 5 waves between April and September 2020. Similar surveys were conducted by the FSD Network in […]

Determinants of Interest Rate Spreads in the Ugandan Banking System

FSD Uganda Executive Director made a presentation as a discussant at the Bank of Uganda (BoU) and International Growth Centre (IGC) Policy Seminar on lending rates. Download the presentation to find out about why we should care about bank interest rate spreads and how it affects every day Ugandans and Ugandan businesses. DOWNLOAD FULL PRESENTATION […]

Government to Person (G2P) Payment Guidelines

Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) Uganda is the country’s leading institution on financial inclusion and inclusive financial market development. FSD Uganda provides technical assistance and catalytic grants to enable innovation and scale. This is achieved through research, policy analysis that enables evidence-based decisioning, private sector support through de-risking and experimental grants that push the frontiers of […]

Market Research on Unsecured Lending for MSMEs

Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) (including smallholder farmers) struggle to access formal credit due to a lack of collateral and poor record keeping preventing them from making productive investments. FSD Uganda works to build inclusive credit market infrastructure to address the retail and business credit gap. FSD Uganda commissioned a study about unsecured lending […]

Strengthening the effectiveness of Uganda’s consumer protection framework

An assessment of credit cost disclosures There is a need to promote trust in the financial sector by putting robust consumer protection measures in place – this will help protect lower-income borrowers from poor market conduct and bridge the credit gap in the market. Financial Sector Deepening Uganda (FSD Uganda) and Financial Sector Deepening Africa […]

Assessing the Economic Resilience of Ugandan Households Before COVID

This is a detailed analysis of the economic resilience of adult Ugandans before the COVID-19 pandemic. Insights from the report highlight crucial vulnerabilities that existed even before the pandemic (especially among women and the poorest adults). Conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development this analysis is a crucial baseline that informs all policy and development initiatives on 'building back better' during and post the pandemic.