Entrepreneurial support organisations hold discussions on how to enhance their capacity to provide better quality business development services in Uganda

Entrepreneurial support organisations (ESOs) are critical entrepreneurship catalyzers and require specific support and guidance to act as impact multipliers for businesses. ESOs are faced with numerous challenges that hinder them from delivering quality support services.

It is on this basis that the Deal Flow Facility and Startup Uganda held a dialogue to validate the challenges faced by selected ESOs based on existing literature and co-create a capacity building intervention with participating ESOs. This event was attended by over 15 ESOs.

From the discussions, it was agreed that the challenges faced by ESOs differ based on the stage of growth of the business being supported. The cross cutting challenges raised revolve around the areas of skill/experience, failure to adapt to the ever-changing environment, and financial capacity.

A more detailed report on this dialogue covering the challenges and proposed solutions is being generated and will inform future interventions on how the ESOs can be best supported to deliver quality work.

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