The Africa FinTech Festival and Financial Inclusion Week 2019

Theme: The role of Fintechs in Africa’s Digital Economy

November 5 – 6, 2019 | Kampala Serena, Uganda

FITSPA and FSD Uganda are joining hands to organize this year’s Africa Fintech Festival and Financial Inclusion week – because innovation and progress without inclusion is meaningless.


The annual Africa Fintech Festival – is an annual point of convergence of ideas, trends, innovations, key debates on wide ranging issues ranging from regulation technology, consumer protection, disruption of savings, credit, insurance and pension value chains, to borderless operations, non-traditional partnerships, and game-changing business models.

This year, Uganda hosts the Africa Fintech Festival. Representatives from over 25 African nations – from regulators, policy makers, Fintechs, investors, banks (traditional, digital and neo2) and more, will examine the role of Fintech’s in Africa’s digital economy.

The Africa Fintech Festival 2019 is being brought together by the Financial Technology Service Providers Association of Uganda (FITSPA) and Financial Sector Deepening Uganda (FSDU).


Now, in its 5th year, this global event is celebrated within countries to reflect on and recalibrate approaches and programs to universal financial inclusion. Every year, Financial Sector Deepening Uganda (FSDU) works with stakeholders in the financial industry to celebrate successes, while being mindful of the ambitious national targets around inclusive growth and financial inclusion.

The theme for this year’s Financial Inclusion Week (FIW) 2019: “Financial Inclusion: For What?” by the Center for Financial Inclusion by Accion comes at a fundamental time, as FSDU and the wider FSD Network, spanning nine other African countries, rethink the traditional supply side
definition of Financial Inclusion and is moving from ‘Financial Inclusion to Inclusive Finance” or what the FSDs’ call, Financial Inclusion 2.0.