FinScope Uganda 2018 Survey Report

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    The FinScope 2018 survey was designed to determine how individuals 16 years or older (i.e. adults) manage their money, the extent to which they use financial services to do so, and to monitor the changes in levels of financial inclusion over time.

    To facilitate higher levels of financial inclusion, it also provides insights into the drivers of uptake and usage of financial services amongst different segments of the adult population, as well as insights into factors inhibiting or limiting uptake and usage of financial services within the different population segments. The Summary Infographics are available for download on this link

    The three (3) main objectives of the FinScope Uganda 2018 survey :

    • To track overall trends in financial inclusion to provide information on how the landscape of inclusion has changed since 2007, including benchmarking these trends with countries within the region.
    • To provide insights that could be utilized both at policy and market levels to further deepen financial inclusion
    • To describe the financial service needs of the adult population (i.e. individuals 16 years or older) in Uganda.

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