Smallholder Farmers

Over 60% of Uganda’s labour force is employed within the agricultural sector. Because of its forward linkages with other sectors and industries, it will play a critical role in creating forward linkages that contribute to the country’s industrialisation agenda and overall development.
The sector continues to face challenges with most primary production happening at a small economic scale and for subsistence.
Financial constraints facing the agriculture sector include high sector risk rating, limited access to collateral, collateral substitution options and limited financial literacy.
Small scale farming gives limited opportunities for increased productivity, innovation and value addition, as well as commercialisation.
Access to relevant financial products and services for smallholders and the organisations that represent them will help increase farming outcomes, their incomes, facilitate a move up the value chain, and help mitigate inherent risk associated with agriculture.
FSD Uganda interventions are tailored to meet the productive investment needs of smallholders and drive investment to the rural agricultural economy.
Percentage engaged mainly in agriculture activities

Adult Household Members

Young (15-30) Household Members

*UBOS Annual Agricultural Survey 2018 Statistics…Read More

Main Productive Investment Needs: Farming/Fishing

*Finscope 2018

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