Making Elephants Dance – A Case Study on Shared Agent Banking in Uganda

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    Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) Uganda collaborated with several market actors, who together, played a foundational role in piloting Uganda’s Shared Agent Banking System (SABS). Following an extensive engagement with industry actors, FSD Uganda produced a case study on Shared Agent Banking in Uganda “Making Elephants Dance’ that contains critical reflections on how SABS can be enhanced and scaled sustainably in Uganda. Further, the learnings captured in the case study will be an important reference point for countries looking to embark on a similar journey.

    The title of the case study, Making Elephants Dance, depicts the herculean efforts that were put in by the industry association, Uganda Bankers’ Association, industry actors, the Agent Banking Company, the regulator, the technology partner Eclectics International, as well as development sector actors to establish mutual principles that are governing the complex partnerships required for SABS in a highly competitive industry. The case study also highlights forward-looking opportunities that exist.

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