Women’s financial inclusion and the tomato value chain

By Anthea Paelo, Ph.D Despite the proliferation of supermarkets and delivery apps intended to increase convenience whilst shopping, I refuse to give up my relationship with my market lady, Maureen. Maureen and I have an […]

Entrepreneurial support organisations hold discussions on how to enhance their capacity to provide better quality business development services in Uganda

Entrepreneurial support organisations (ESOs) are critical entrepreneurship catalyzers and require specific support and guidance to act as impact multipliers for businesses. ESOs are faced with numerous challenges that hinder them from delivering quality support services. […]

The Role of Financial Inclusion in Bridging the Gender Gap

By Caroline Agaba The government of Uganda has made efforts to address gender issues for example through the development of a National Gender Policy in 1997. The policy provides a framework for addressing gender imbalances. […]

The 2023 FinScope survey to get insights into the demand, access, and use of financial services is underway

The Bank of Uganda, in partnership with the Financial Sector Deepening Uganda, aBi Finance, and the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, is implementing the 2023 FinScope survey this July. A FinScope survey is a nationally representative […]

Climate Adaptation Financing Practice: A Case Study of Bidhaa Sasa

By Joseph Lutwama and Douglas Karugonjo The Climate Challenge Uganda is among the world’s most vulnerable and least adapted to climate change countries scoring 166 out of 181 countries on the ND-GAIN Vulnerability Index in […]

How to narrow the gender gap in digital agricultural platforms

By Geoffrey Okidi While digital agricultural platforms can boost farmer productivity, they also risk entrenching gender inequalities if not gender intentional. Research shows that only 25% of Sub-Saharan Africa digital agricultural platform users are women, […]

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