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Our staff members play a central role in the organisation’s success. Their expertise enables us to respond to the evolving challenges in the market by promoting adaptive programming based on lessons learned from our interventions and market intelligence.

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FSD Uganda does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process (application, interview meeting, processing, training or any other fees). Any requests for such payment or information should be refused and reported to local law enforcement authorities for appropriate action.

Job Title: Program Executive 
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Reports to: Director of Programs
Application Deadline: December 09, 2022

About this role

The Programme Executive is responsible for the smooth running of the project management functions of FSD Uganda Program Interventions. The Programme Executive makes an important contribution to the achievement of FSD Uganda’s programmatic strategy by freeing up the program technical staff to focus on the substantive technical content of their roles.

The Programme Executive works closely with the assigned pillar heads to ensure that timely and quality support is given to all program technical staff and key stakeholders (e.g., consultants, implementing partners, important contacts).

Key Responsibilities:

    1. 1. New Project On-boarding: Support the Pillar teams with the processes involved in gaining approvals for new program interventions, onboarding implementing partners (IPs), and procuring the professional services required for successful implementation:
      • Ensure full understanding of each newly conceived project and the project management support that will be required; work collaboratively with the team to develop plans and schedules for the onboarding process
      • Assist with the preparation of all documentation required for the onboarding process:
          - Assist implementing partners and project teams with grant applications in compliance with Investment Committee standards and requirements.
          - Liaise between the project team and the procurement team in the development of Terms of Reference and partner selection criteria.
      • Support the team in developing relationships with potential implementing partners; provide support to IPs as they navigate the onboarding process, ensuring that they are kept fully informed and given help with producing documentation to standard (if required)
      • Support the team in liaising with key suppliers to ensure maintenance of good relationships and quality of service; liaise with the Legal Team as required to amend contracts and with Finance team to ensure timely payment once delivery has been made
      • Provide support to the Pillar teams in entering projects into the program tracker ensuring that key activities and program milestones are comprehensively entered; liaise with the Operations Manager to ensure the involvement of the operations team is scheduled and coordinated

2. Program Implementation Support: Provide logistical and administrative support to the delivery of FSD Uganda Program Interventions; acting as part of the team in ensuring the results articulated in program plans are achieved

      • Ensure full understanding of the work and annual plans of each pillar; take initiative to identify ways to reduce the workload of Pillar leadership through the provision of quality project management support
      • Provide general research support by reading widely, keeping abreast of current events or news, relevant research and reading resources, emerging developments in the financial sector and the overall economy and sharing relevant information with the team.
      • Assist the team in preparing presentations, reports, and other key programme documents; as well as editing and formatting documents as requested and in a way that complies with the FSD Uganda brand
      • Support the program technical team in entering records of project progress into the program tracker, results tracking and knowledge management systems; alert the Pillar Heads to any delays or problems
      • Assist the program technical team in developing and maintaining good working relationships with both internal and external stakeholders; serve as an information resource on status of project/products and respond effectively to queries from stakeholders
    • 3. Record Keeping: Take overall responsibility in maintenance of all records of FSD Uganda Program Interventions. Setting up a proper and efficient filing system for both physical and electronic information
      • Ensure that both physical and electronic records of all Pillar documents are well organised and stored securely, providing support to the team in maintaining comprehensive records and organising electronic scanning where necessary
      • Manage the maintenance of all FSD Uganda Program paper-based record systems; ensuring that all documents required in a paper form for conformance with legal, regulatory or contractual obligations are stored effectively for easy retrieval
      • Liaise with communication team to maintain the FSD Uganda Program contact database; including frequently scanning business cards from contacts and uploading into the master database
    • Specifications For the Role


      • A bachelor’s degree from a recognised university
      • Certification in Project Management (e.g., PMP/ PRINCE2) added advantage

Relevant Experience

    • At least 3 years project management work experience; a focus on project administration will be an added advantage
    • Proven, strong organisational skills, including the ability to self-start, prioritise and proactively respond to evolving/ unfolding demands
    • Strong research and analytical skills
    • Experience in managing processes and analysing information
    • Demonstrably strong customer focus
    • Excellent communication skills (written and spoken); able to interact with both senior and junior stakeholders both internally and externally
    • First-rate knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
    • Excellent skills in written and spoken English. Demonstrate good attention to detail with grammar, spelling and writing style that will appeal to key stakeholders.
    • Team player. Ability to work effectively with colleagues across the organisation

Critical Technical Skills & Knowledge:

    • Experience of working in a multi-cultural environment.
    • Research and Data Analytical Skills.
    • Understanding of monitoring and results management concepts and processes.
    • Excellent spoken and written English language communication skills.

Behavioural Competencies or Character:

    • Initiative & Decisiveness - Level 2
    • Innovation & Value Addition - Level 2
    • Drive for Results - Level 2
    • Relationship Building - Level 2
    • Communication & Influencing for Impact - Level 2
    • Thought Leadership - Level 2
    • Learning & Resourcefulness - Level 2

Application procedure: Email your curriculum vitae and cover letter to fsducareers@fsduganda.or.ug
The email subject line should be;
Application for the Program Executive Position.

FSDU is an equal opportunity employer. Women, people with disabilities and others that fit the profile above are encouraged to apply.


Job Title: Communication Specialist
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Reports to: Executive Director
Application Deadline: January 10, 2022

About this role

FSD Uganda is looking for a dynamic, out of the box creative thinker to lead our communications and influencing work in an exciting new strategic phase. The Communications Specialist will lead the FSD Uganda management and technical team in the implementation of an effective communication strategy that supports the delivery of FSD objectives. S/he will be able to take the lead in showcasing FSD Uganda’s impact with the aim of influencing stakeholders, and industry decision makers in the development of financial services that are accessible to the poor.

Key Result Areas and Deliverables

Strategic contribution and programming
Work closely with FSDU's Senior Management to support the development and implementation of FSDU’s strategic & operational plans by contributing expertise in market development, communications and the psychology of influencing. Lead the development of an innovative Communication & Influencing strategy and annual plans.

Knowledge management
Work closely with FSDU's Senior Management and colleagues in Knowledge Management and the Research and Information section to support audience analysis and ensure knowledge is managed and communicated effectively to our diverse stakeholders.

Implementation of communication strategy
Co-ordinate teams of colleagues and service providers to roll-out the Communications strategy and Annual Work Plan, personally leading an agreed portfolio of projects; continuously monitor the effectiveness and impact of influencing & communication interventions, analysing learning and making adjustments as required.

Brand assets & standards
Provide effective support and editorial to the team so that FSDU branding, messaging, and communication standards are maintained internally and externally; ensuring that FSDU is effectively positioned as a thought leader in financial inclusion and economic empowerment.

Department Leadership
Lead and manage all those who are involved in communications activities - colleagues and consultants - in a manner that empowers and motivates them to deliver FSDU’s goals and objectives.

Role Requirements

Qualifications and Education

    • Degree in a communications-related field
    • Relevant training or certification in social media communication and/or digital design/editing
    • Post Graduate Diploma in a development-related field (e.g. Development Economics Finance or Economics or Business (added advantage).

Essential Experience, Knowledge and Skills

    • At least 6-10 years of post-graduation experience in the field of communications, with at least 3 years in a mid / senior role
    • Demonstrated strong and relevant experience in communication including outstanding writing skills and ability to produce high quality English language content
    • Demonstrated experience in developing key messages for influence and advocacy; evidence of having developed and implemented successful campaigns
    • Demonstrated experience in content development for various media platforms (Radio, TV, website, social media)
    • Knowledge and understanding of finance sector
    • Ability to effectively manage the production of a wide range of communication assets including reports and publications but also more innovative platforms
    • Proven track record in developing media relations and strategic partnerships
    • Proven track record in managing teams and consultants / service providers, including development of terms of reference where required

Personal Characteristics

Initiative & Decisiveness:
You should have a strong sense of engagement that leads to self-starting, taking initiative and acting decisively. You should be able to take personal responsibility for the line of work being managed, the impact we are seeking to achieve FSDU’s goals. You must have a strong record of making decisions effectively, sometimes with incomplete information or under tight deadline.

Innovation and Value Addition
You have a strong ability to generate value-adding innovations through continuous improvement, idea generation and creativity. You proactively seeking opportunities to drive the change in line with FSDU’s mission and are able to develop ideas for significantly new interventions, projects, products or services. You have a strong record of systematically managing innovations and effective in taking new ideas through to implementation in the real world.

Drive for results
You are strongly motivated to achieve goals and act with accountability to deliver quality results
You have the ability to display a strong drive to achieve results and determined to succeed. You are able to clarify what must be accomplished and communicate expectations before people start work. You will have a record of driving to accomplish important outcomes.

Relationship building
You should be able to initiate, build and maintain positive relationships with others; discerning and appreciating the values, concerns or feelings of others and you can draw others in to build an effective team. You should be someone with an ability to notice and appreciate the contributions of others, celebrating successes and giving credit to others where its due. You will have a track record of taking initiative to build strong relationships and co-operation with both internal and external stakeholders

Communication & influencing for impact
You should have the ability to deliberately adjust your behaviour in order to address the feelings, needs, or concerns of others; communicating clearly, confidently and appropriately to influence others. You should have the ability to influence, persuade or win a buy -in across a diverse set of stakeholders; communicate in a way that wins hearts and minds of others. You will have a track record of use of language skilfully, selecting words and content that enables listeners / readers to understand

Thought Leadership
You think clearly and intentionally in order to understand issues, analysing information objectively, understanding issues, solving problems and forming expert opinion. You have the ability to carry out background research and investigate thoroughly; and you are able generate a concise and easy-to-understand summary or story that will communicate effectively. You’re also able to trial and test different approaches for communicating and influencing, with the open-mindedness to do something differently if data indicates that a strategy has not been effective.

Learning & Resourcefulness
You possess the personal resourcefulness to deal with difficult situations effectively and continually improve skills and knowledge. We’re looking for someone who can manage their emotions well, remaining effective, open, and engaged, despite experiencing an internal emotional reaction. In particular, being able to face a challenging problem, or tough feedback, with a desire to learn, grow and improve; quickly adapting and applying new learning into the workplace. You will have a track record of empowering others by sharing information, resources, advice, and encouragement; you can demonstrate how you have built the capacity of others (perhaps through training, coaching or advisory services).

More Details and How to Apply

For more details and how to apply, please CLICK HERE

Job Title: Chief Operations Officer

Location: Kampala, Uganda
Reports to: Executive Director
Application Deadline: February 4, 2022

About this role

The Chief Operations Officer (COO) is a core member of the leadership team alongside the Executive Director (ED) and Director of Programs (DoP). The role holder will be responsible for all administrative, operational and contractual aspects of the company with oversight of the following functions: finance, procurement and project delivery across the organisation, programme operations and administration, talent management and Human Resources. He/she will also manage the contractual relationships with service providers including the fund manager, the IT service provider and external and internal auditors.

The COO will be responsible for ensuring that FSDU’s governance functions smoothly, with appropriate communication between the Board and the Management. He/she is also responsible for establishing and implementing a risk-based company culture. Alongside the ED and the DoP, the COO will play a pivotal role, in setting up and negotiating donor partnerships, defining programme outcomes and ensuring that appropriate reporting frameworks are in place and implemented.

Roles and Responsibilities.

1. Strategy Development & Execution

    • Contribute to overall strategy development with a focus on reporting and analytics.
    • Oversee the development of both long term and annual resourcing (people and financing) projections in consultation with FSDU’s senior leadership and pillar heads, presenting to and gaining agreement of the FSDU Board and alignment with funder expectations.
    • Establish strong organisational systems, processes and frameworks that enhance organisational effectiveness and efficiency as well as support tactical execution of the strategy.
    • Provide advisory services and act as a sounding board for pillar heads, DoP and ED for guidance and support in program and administrative implementation.
    • Accountable for the direct management of core enabling functions such as Finance and HR and indirectly through vendor agreements.

2.    Establishing Systems and Processes

Governance, and Board Support:

    • Ensure FSDU Board and Board sub-committee meetings are properly supported with appropriate and timely information and reports.
    • Facilitate the work of two key Board sub-committees i.e. Audit, Finance and Risk Committee (AFRC) as well as the Human Resources and Compensation Committee (HRCC) assisting the committee chair with agenda setting, leading the report preparation and implementation of committee recommendations.
    • Assist the ED in fulfilling her governance responsibilities.

Policies, Systems and Procedures:

    • Ensure the development and implementation of policies, systems, procedures and tools that will assure quality delivery and effective impact in areas of responsibility.
    • Drive enforcement and adherence to policies and systems.
    • Ensure the roll-out of new or improved systems/tools (e.g. through communication, training & delegation to staff).

Risk Management:

    • Oversee the management of risk across FSDU’s activities; ensuring development of a comprehensive understanding of FSDU’s risks and mitigation strategies.
    • Support relevant outsourced legal and compliance firms in complex and high-risk contract negotiations.
    • Safeguard FSDU’s Financial resources by giving due consideration before signing approvals; while ensuring value for money and performance by engaged service providers.

Procurement and Administration:

    • Monitor compliance of grantees with contract terms and ensure Financial obligations are settled promptly and are consistent with the contract terms.
    • Oversee all Procurement and contracting procedures including the development of requests for expressions of interest or proposals, evaluation and issue of contracts, purchase orders and where applicable, partnership agreements.
    • Oversee and ensure that all administrative activities are conducted in conformance with policy and best practices.

3.    Financial management & fundraising

    • Oversee the annual budgeting process and ensure compliance with the budget.
    • Conduct rigorous Financial analysis to inform strategy, forecasting and support programmatic decision making.
    • Oversee and participate in Financial due diligence related to fund management.
    • Monitor compliance by FSDU with the terms and conditions of MoUs/funding contracts and those with the implementing partners.
    • Oversee regular reporting (monthly, quarterly, annual) to the Board and funders and undertake reviews.
    • Facilitate the work of and engagement with external and internal auditors.
    • Ensure that FSDU’s Financial management complies with national and international Financial regulations; and that Financial record keeping will support effective auditing and timely reporting to both the funders and the Board.
    • Support the ED in taking ownership of all Financial reporting to stakeholders.
    • Oversee the implementation of and reporting on the value for money (VFM) framework.

4.    People Management

    • Alongside the ED, build a motivated team that is capable of delivering on FSDU’s vision and strategy.
    • Develop recruitment and talent management plans in line with FSDU strategy.
    • Implement effective remuneration, reward and benefits, that motivate staff (subject to necessary approvals).
    • Develop and implement an employee performance management system that supports the achievement of FSDU’s goals and objectives and equitably rewards employees.
    • Lead the Operations team in a manner that empowers them to deliver excellent support services and maximises value for money on investment from FSDU's resources.
    • Manage unit culture and employee engagement.
    • Provide effective direct leadership to reports through coaching, mentoring and management of performance.
    • Accountable for the mitigation of all people related risks through appropriate risk management strategies
    • Role Requirements

Qualifications and Education

    • Ugandan nationals strongly preferred
    • Bachelor’s in a related field e.g. Finance, Accounting, Economics, Business Administration, or Legal
    • Minimum ten (10) years of experience in Finance, Audit, Operations, Administration, Grants Management, at least five (5) years of which must be at senior level with accountability to a governance board
    • A professional qualification in Accounting, Procurement or Risk Management
    • At least three (3) years of work experience in Africa with direct experience in East African markets
    • Strong experience in Financial Management and Procurement
    • Demonstrable experience in Donor Contract Management
    • Proven experience in Human Resource Management
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Ability to manage project diversity and complexity, with a portfolio in USD of 3-5 million in range
    • Proven track record of managing relationships and influencing key stakeholders at the leadership or specialist level
    • Detailed Job Description and How to Apply

For more details and how to apply, please CLICK HERE

FSDU is an equal opportunity employer. Women, people with disabilities and others that fit the profile above are encouraged to apply.

Job Title: Executive Director
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Reports to: The Board
Application Deadline: February 17, 2022

About this role

The Executive Director (ED) will set the vision and be responsible for the overall delivery of FSDU’s programmatic and corporate strategy. She/He is responsible for the development of FSDU's vision, mission, and strategy and oversees its delivery, ensuring that the organization is fully accountable to the Board, funders, and key stakeholders.

The incumbent will work credibly with the FSDU Board and staff, donors, government agencies, partners, and other stakeholders and to operationalize FSDU’s vision of delivering sustainable improvements in the livelihoods of lower income households across Uganda, through gender-inclusive finance. The ED will be a results-oriented strategic leader with a track record of developing and managing a high performing team. The ED will demonstrate understanding of the financial sector broadly and a strong understanding of digital financial services in an emerging market context.

The ED has overall responsibility for leading FSDU to achieve its goal of generating sustainable improvements in the livelihoods of lower-income households through reduced vulnerability to shocks, increased incomes, and employment. The ED is responsible for ensuring that FSDU’s investments through direct and returnable grants, and technical assistance address systemic issues, have the potential for viability and scale and significantly impact FSDU’s core beneficiaries- women, youth, small holder farmers, refugees, and small businesses.

Reporting to the Board, the ED oversees the organization’s operations and ensures appropriate fiduciary oversight is maintained. The ED is responsible for ensuring that FSDU is structured, organized, managed, and controlled in such a way as to enable achievement of its vision and delivery against set targets.

Externally, ED liaises, harmonizes, and builds strong strategic relationships with national policymakers, regulators, industry bodies, private sector, and donors. The ED is also responsible for fund-raising for FSDU from both anchor donors as well as thematic donors and should have credible experience raising funds from bilateral / multi-lateral funders.

Overall, the ED is an experienced results-oriented strategic leader who is able to initiate and deepen external and internal relationships, as well as craft and deliver a compelling strategy and business plans that transforms the financial sector in Uganda. The ED will have global expertise as well as the ability to tap into international best practice to ensure that FSDU’s strategy is advancing the financial sector in step with neighboring countries and other leaders in financial inclusion and in line with the aspirations of key stakeholders. The ED will also have experience in the financial inclusion space, which underlies much of the leap forward in financial inclusion in recent years.

Role Requirements

Qualifications and Education

    • Master’s Degree in a relevant discipline (Business Administration, Economics, International Development, Public Policy, Information Technology)
    • Professional experience, with at least 5 years in an organizational leadership or executive role with P&L responsibility
    • Experience working credibly with a board of directors
    • In-depth understanding of the financial sector, especially digital financial services, some exposure to payment systems, and emerging technology trends in the sector
    • Significant experience in fundraising and managing multiple donor relations
    • Experience facilitating change at policy or systems level, including excellent coalition building skills with ability to work effectively with a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders
    • Proven record of implementing projects and managing teams to successful outcomes
    • Demonstrated understanding of risk management within a not-for-profit context
    • Understanding of M4P approach to financial inclusion and government relations experience
    • Experience in both non-profit and for-profit sectors, a strong plus, with some experience in the international development context
    • Experience working in Africa is a strong plus

Personal Characteristics

    • A lateral thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit
    • Financially savvy and political astuteness with the ability to set clear priorities and delegate
    • Keen analytical, organizational, and problem-solving skills that support and enable sound decision-making
    • Strong commitment to the professional development of staff
    • Successful track record of recruiting and retaining a diverse team • Strategic communications skills
    • Fluency in English, both written and oral, required
    • Detailed Job Description and How to Apply

For more details and how to apply, please CLICK HERE

FSDU is an equal opportunity employer. Women, people with disabilities and others that fit the profile above are encouraged to apply.

Job Title: Investment Officer, Deal Flow Facility
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Reports to: Director, Deal Flow Facility
Application Deadline: August 19, 2022

About this role

The primary objective of the Deal Flow Facility (DFF) is to match-make potential investors and investees with the aim of facilitating successful debt and equity transactions. The Investment Officer will be responsible for creating an efficient and high-level due diligence process that increases the chances of investment-worthy enterprises being recruited into the DFF. The role holder will serve as an in-house expert to perform initial diagnostic assessments/evaluations to identify relevant enterprises that will be admitted into the capacity-building program.

The Investment Officer will report to the Director – DFF. They will support the Director in thinking through the strategy, program agenda, engagement activities, capacity-building initiatives, and design of effective cohort programs.

Key Responsibilities:

Strategy Development and Execution: 

      • Set-Up: Build clear criteria and templates that can be scaled to ensure the success of the DFF including but not limited to:
      • Distinct recruitment criteria of enterprises to the DFF as well as explicit matchmaking criteria between enterprises and investors.
      • Clear templates/frameworks around high-level due diligence of enterprises, their capital needs, and pitch-decks with analyses.
      • With the support of the Portfolio Relationship Manager, build comprehensive methods and processes around enterprise information access and enterprise value creation as part of the DFF.
      • Responsible for due diligence and analysis on prospective companies that will be recruited into the DFF or directly matched to debt/equity investors
      • With the other members of the DFF and FSD Uganda team, contribute towards development of capacity-building modules and programs for DFF enterprises. This will include supporting the building of a standardised business curriculum (with modules), tools and materials.

Program Management and Delivery:

      • Undertake due diligence and capacity needs assessment of DFF applicants.
      • Share analyses of due diligence with enterprises for finalisation and onward sharing with investors to gauge interest
      • Educate enterprises, especially the leadership of companies that have not raised equity, on the investment process
      • Support the development of a standardised business curriculum (with modules) including tools and materials
    • Thought Leadership:
      • Build analyses around enterprises, including the challenges faced in capital raising to inform policymakers, ecosystem supporters with the aim of building a more enabling environment for businesses.
      • Lead analyses around challenges that investors face in investing in Uganda.
    • Competences and Qualifications
    • This will be a highly technical resource with an entrepreneurial drive. The successful candidate will have good practical knowledge around equity and debt capital raising and preferably comes from Private Equity and Venture Capital (PE/VC) background.
      • Minimum of seven years in private equity, venture capital, investment banking, or capital markets is required
      • Background in financial analysis and modelling
      • Previous experience in providing business advisory services is strongly preferred
      • Advanced Degree in Finance, an MBA or equivalent, plus a professional accounting qualification, will be an added advantage
      • Deeply curious and excited to engage with a variety of stakeholders including policymakers, investors, DFIs, and more
      • Ability to deliver and communicate complex issues clearly and succinctly, and in a compelling manner
      • Ability to establish a strong rapport and build relationships across the local entrepreneurial ecosystem
      • Self-motivated, confident, energetic, team player, and creative

Persons of all gender and race are encouraged to apply

Role Overview

Finance, investment, and accounting

Banking, financial services, and Insurance

Years of Experience
7-12 years


Must-have Skills

      • Investment and business advisory
      • Capacity assessment and due diligence
      • Stakeholder engagement

Application procedure: Email your curriculum vitae and cover letter to fsducareers@fsduganda.or.ug
The email subject line should be;
Application for the Investment Officer – Deal Flow Facility Position

About FSD Uganda

Financial Sector Deepening Uganda (FSD Uganda) is a Company Limited by Guarantee (operating as a not for profit) committed to promoting greater access to Financial Services in Uganda.

As Uganda’s premier ‘think and do’ tank on financial inclusion, FSD Uganda seeks to develop a more inclusive and competitive financial sector with a focus on low-income individuals promoting innovation, conducting research, and supporting regulatory processes that shape the financial sector.

FSD Uganda is currently funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mastercard Foundation, and the European Union and is part of a network of nine Financial Sector Deepening organisations working across sub-Saharan Africa. Looking ahead, FSD Uganda will leverage its early successes to drive up demand for relevant financial products and services across key sectors to help improve incomes and create more economic opportunities.

About Deal Flow Facility

The Deal Flow Facility is a first of its kind in-country, technical assistance and match making facility incubated at FSD Uganda. It was set up with the support of the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) of Uganda and is funded by the European Union. This match-making facility between investors and potential investees has the ambitious target of facilitating at least 40 investments in five years.

The key role of the DFF is making medium-to-large enterprises investment ready and attractive to potential investors. The Facility is sector-agnostic and is looking to solve a critical constraint in the market – the lack of long-term finance, impeding the growth of enterprises, consequently resulting in slower job growth and economic development.

On the demand side, enterprises in Uganda, much like those on the African continent, are bridging their long-term capital needs with short tenor bank financing – financing that is expensive and does not match the growth trajectory of these businesses.

Similarly, on the supply side, investors report a shortage of high-quality investment opportunities as a challenge. Most enterprises seeking investments are not investment-ready and often need internal reorganisation before engaging outside investors. This makes them unattractive to both domestic and foreign investors – resulting in a small deal flow pipeline for the private and public capital markets.

Expectation of the DFF

The primary objective of the DFF is to match-make investors to high-quality investment-ready enterprises. It is expected to achieve this by stitching together a fragmented investment ecosystem of various actors, including tax advisors, investment bankers, legal advisors, auditors, accounting firms, and more – all necessary to enable successful investments. The Facility that runs a rolling application process for enterprises, continues to build the tools and capacity building curriculum that will make participating enterprises stronger and put them on a fast-track to seeking investments when ready. Currently, the Facility is designed to be a catalyst and not make investments itself.

The following are the expected outcomes of the DFF:

      1. Creating an investment-worthy deal-flow pipeline.
      2. Providing capacity building/advisory support that will assist potentially high-growth companies to boost their growth and make them attractive to investors.
      3. Match-Making investors to investees strengthening the market ecosystem.
      4. Based on challenges witnessed, inform, and educate various actors in the ecosystem, beginning with the regulators to industry associations and the Ministry of Finance so that systemic constraints and misalignment of incentives are known and addressed through reforms.
      5. Strengthening a fragmented ecosystem by forming alliances with organizations and networks that are able and willing to contribute to Uganda’s investment climate and the growth of capital markets.

FSDU is an equal opportunity employer. Women, people with disabilities and others that fit the profile above are encouraged to apply.

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