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Tools of Impact: Catalytic Grant

Synopsis: FSDU provided TA to both traditional (i.e. banks) and non-traditional (i.e. FinTechs) financial service providers to adopt Alternative Credit Scoring models that will bridge the gap in detailed demand-side data that profiles underserved customers and analyses their specific needs. Two credit scorecards were developed by Opportunity Bank and BrightLife, and they have been deployed to live customer environments. Bright Life (BL) has piloted a unique and first-in-region partnership with FINCA Uganda to expand formal savings and credit provision by providing energy products for the bottom-of-pyramid (BOP) segment and they are currently working with 1,024 customers. Opportunity Bank Uganda (OBUL) has piloted a new and efficient method of acquiring customers, assessing credit worthiness and extending credit to smallholder farmers and other low-income segments. FSDU is also supporting Emata to digitize dairy cooperatives and provide them with a system that will allow them to lend based off these records.

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