Gross Bulk Payee Verification

Focus Groups: All

Tools of Impact: Catalytic Grant, Technical Assistance

Achievements: 98,509 individuals reached.

Partners: Yo! Uganda

Synopsis: Bulk payments are ideal for workers who earn lower amounts, such as those earned by casual labourers and cash transfer beneficiaries. This makes it an ideal vehicle for targeting the bottom of the pyramid population and for promoting financial inclusion. Digital bulk payments provide a number of benefits including security, and transparency. This project aimed to deliver a Gross Bulk Payee Verification functionality, which would allow bulk payers to automatically verify payee names against their mobile phone numbers in bulk before payments are made. This would reduce the risk of error and save time and cost for bulk payers making bulk payments. Additionally, such functionality would determine the mobile money readiness of the payee number before payments are made, minimizing the frustration arising from cases where payments are made to non-mobile money registered numbers.

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