Digital Finance For Sustainable Futures

Emerging risks that individuals, households, and businesses face from the broader environment, including climate change and skewed capital markets, can affect the long-term outcomes of partners’ development efforts. We recognise that sustained wellbeing is only attainable if we work collectively to mitigate and respond effectively to these risks. In this portfolio, our work will cover climate finance and interventions that enhance the role of capital markets, and other long-tenor financing instruments, in building resilient communities.

Low Income Financial Transformation

Focus Groups: All
Tools of Impact: Catalytic Grant
Achievements: Over 21 organisations have utilised the findings for their programming.

Research on finance and energy among the rural households.

Unlocking Access to Finance, Energy and Income Generation for the BoP

Focus Groups: All

Tools of Impact: Catalytic Grant
Partners: BrightLife, Finca

Expanding formal savings and credit service among lower-income earners thorugh access to energy products.

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