The 2023 FinScope survey to get insights into the demand, access, and use of financial services is underway

The Bank of Uganda, in partnership with the Financial Sector Deepening Uganda, aBi Finance, and the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, is implementing the 2023 FinScope survey this July. A FinScope survey is a nationally representative survey that measures changes in the demand, access, and use of financial services.

The FinScope survey is being conducted in line with the forthcoming National Financial Inclusion Strategy (2023-2028) and intends to provide an indication of the state of financial inclusion in Uganda. It will also provide insights into attitudes and perceptions regarding money management, financial products, and services across demographics for adults 16 years or older.

The findings will guide government, regulators, and development partners as they implement aspects of critical financial sector frameworks including the National Development Plan III, the financial inclusion pillar of the Parish Development Model (PDM), and other sector strategies. It is also an avenue for financial service providers to understand their consumer base and innovate in response to current needs.

The 2023 survey includes a module on green financing aimed at understanding the agribusiness financial landscape and how the financial sector is adapting to concerns brought about by climate change.

Preparations for the survey have been concluded with a 6-day training for the enumerators. Fieldwork is scheduled to start on July 10, 2023, for 22 days. The survey will cover a representative sample of about 3,210 respondents all over the country. In addition, special interest groups such as People with Disabilities (PWDs) and Forcibly Displaced Persons (FDPs) or refugees will be covered.

At the end of the survey, a report will be compiled, and its findings will be shared with key stakeholders and the public to guide planning and discussion on issues related to the demand, access, and use of financial services.

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