EOI to provide various consultancy services under Framework Agreements—EXTENDED

Date of Issue: Tuesday, 24th September 2019.
Expiry Date: Friday, 22nd November 2019 – 11:00 a.m. EAT.


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1. In relation to EOI Ref. FSDU/SRVS/2019/00045, If I have an expert who is applicable in more than one area of expertise, do I need to put the CV more than once in my EOI i.e. Put the CV under strategy then again under product/service development etc? You can use the same CV for the different categories since you are the same person.
2. I write in reference to the EOI to provide consultancy services (FSDU/SRVS/2019/00045). Can a company be a part of two different bidding consortium? Yes, a company can be part of the two different bidding consortiums because each bid will be considered on its own merit so long as the two consortiums are not competing against each other.
3. I’m interested to submit our bid but wanted to find out if the envisioned Consultancy Services you seek include Training & Capacity Building as part of the scope of the Framework Agreement. Yes, the consultancy services include training and capacity building.
4. Is there a limit to how many CVs we can submit? No, there is no limit but the CVs must be relevant to the services you are bidding for.
5. We have hosted 3 multi-year programmes over the last 5 years that have multiple projects – can we include a description of these programmes, the size of the programmes, the number of staff and consultants engaged in the programme or do you require a breakdown by project? No, we require a mention and a brief description of the projects but not a detailed breakdown of these projects.
6. Our work is mainly TA and knowledge products:

  1. Can we provide a link to the individual publications / knowledge products under the programmes as evidence that the assignments were undertaken?
  2. Could we provide flysheets/ short pamphlets on each of these programmes, signed off by our counterparts/references at the organisations involved in the programmes as evidence of projects that didn’t necessarily cumulate in the publication of a document (e.g. technical assistance projects)?
We need recommendations from a sample of your clients as to the quality of your work and the efficiency of your delivery of that work.
7. Does an incorporated entity need to give a power of attorney for the case where i) only the directors are authorized to sign, and ii) there is no delegated authority to sign on behalf of the company. In this case, only the directors are authorized signatories and have not assigned signing authority. What documents would be needed in such a case? The power of attorney is still needed even if it is one director because the company is a separate legal entity/person which the director represents.
8. Would it be possible to get advance notification from FSD-U of the intention to speak with the references provided prior to reaching out to them? FSDU does not commit to give advance notification to the bidder before engaging the referee. The understanding that the referee is in position to give an independent assessment of the quality of the bidder’s work.
9. Do the details of prior assignments count under the 5-page limit for the capability statement? Can this be included as an appendix? Everything needs to fit within the 5 pages. So you need to summarize so as to fit within the required pages.

Expressions of Interest to provide consultancy services for various assignments under a Framework Agreement

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