Uganda’s National Fourth Industrial Revolution(4IR) Strategy – Annexure

Draft opportunity assessment and digital readiness assessment

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    A three-component framework is used to assess and compare the technology strategies of a peer group of countries and draw learnings for the formulation of national fourth industrial revolution (4IR) strategies. The first component is the objectives that have been made explicit in the 4IR strategies. This looks for discussions on goals, aims, purposes and other synonyms for objectives. The second is the focus of the strategies, either technology or opportunity focused, and the sectors to which the strategies are applied. A technology focused approach is one in which the strategy is developed by anchoring on 4IR technologies and outlining how those technologies can be applied across sectors. This measure excludes Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategies from the set of technology-based strategies because AI strategies are common across countries.. An opportunity focused approach is one in which the strategy is anchored on key areas of opportunity, for instance economic sectors, in which numerous 4IR technologies can be applied. The final component is the key levers for action outlined in the strategies. Here, the tools and activities the nations will focus on to achieve their objectives are assessed. The comparison will provide insights on international best practices and common trends in 4IR strategy planning. Many countries refer to or take inspiration from the strategies of others . Learning from others provides an array of ideas and experiences from which to draw to draft comprehensive and well considered strategies.

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