Measuring Women Financial Inclusion Toolkit for Uganda

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    The gender gap in account ownership has significantly narrowed in Uganda. In 2021, approximately 65% of women had an account at a formal financial institution or a mobile money account, compared to 67% of men, according to Findex data. It positions Uganda as one of the countries with the lowest gender gaps in Africa. However, despite this progress, significant disparities in account usage persist. For example, women are more likely than men to rely on informal institutions for savings and borrowings.

    Several gender-specific barriers contribute to this situation, including prevailing gender norms, limited access to and control over economic resources, lack of knowledge, geographical and technological constraints, and stringent loan requirements. Reliable and comprehensive gender data is needed to gain in-depth understanding of gender disparities, inform policy and program development and monitor progress, better address the women segment as customers and support advocacy for gender equality.

    This toolkit aims at providing practical tips to measure women financial inclusion in Uganda using a four-fold approach

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