Young Africa works community of Practice on Inclusive Finance – 2023 Annual Report

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    The Mastercard Foundation’s commitment to addressing youth unemployment and poverty in Africa led to the launch of the Young Africa Works strategy in Uganda. As part of this initiative, the Community of Practice on Inclusive Finance was established to foster collaboration among partner organisations in advancing financial inclusion efforts among the strategy participants. This Community of Practice serves as a platform for learning, knowledge sharing, and collective action to increase access to finance for marginalised populations, particularly youth and young women. A Steering Committee was established to guide the Community of Practice’s objectives.

    The mission of the Young Africa Works Community of Practice on Inclusive Finance is to drive inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction by promoting financial inclusion among marginalised communities in Uganda.

    Our vision is a future where all individuals, regardless of socioeconomic background, have access to affordable financial services and opportunities for economic empowerment.

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